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(I am not an affiliate marketer, yet, this is just my opinion on these apps and or websites, therefore I do not receive compensation.)

I want to start this blog with pointing out that I am trying to do all this blog building, website building and what not by not trying to spend a whole lot of money. I hate wasting money therefore I’m a coupon clipper #ibotta #checkout51, and in the State that I reside in there is this fabulous store named Meijer and they offer Mperks (love them!)  So you have to pay for your domain name that’s a given, but all these bloggers that offer ebooks and classes (not that I wouldn’t love to take some off these) they offer some of the course for free but that’s a lead in to please take my $300.00 course.  Well, when you haven’t started making money yet it’s hard to spend more.  So I stumbled across this character,


and I’m hoping this shows up if you click on Home, he was by far the most informative and simplified person I have listened to so far.

This isn’t anything against the stay at home moms that are teaching, but good lord, some of us need step by step instruction and this Aussie really simplified it for me.  And he is FREE!

Side note:  I added the (thing) on top just for my own safety.  I don’t even know if it was necessary.  Better safe than sorry!

So to wrap this post up he has YouTube videos that are so informative you can’t go wrong!

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