It’s a New Year!

This year I’m going to a) figure out this blogging thing. ( Ah, yes I know how to blog, just haven’t figure out the particulars)  I’m talking about the why blog, when to blog and what to blog about.

I know there are many of us out there!

I’m a very creative person, it just took me years to realize it.  Lack of self-esteem maybe?

Well, I go from one thing to the next, not being an expert at any, but I’m pretty darn good at what I set my mind to.

I think I’ve found my love!  I’ve always been a doodle kind of girl and now I’m sure I can put that to good use.  I’ve started hand lettering and boy oh boy do I love it!

This year I am going to become an expert at it and actually start a business.  That is my plan!  I will of course keep you updated, will probably be like my few and far between posts, but I will update.  It’s all the learning process!   Stay tuned!

Hey already progressed.  Just updated my WP email so I can post!  All is well with the world.

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