Glad to meet you!

This is my first official blog post!  Do I know what I’m doing you may ask?  Well, let me answer that for you.  NO!  But in the abyss of all of this, this could turn out to be one of my big platforms for my blog.  A.K.A all you other people who are lost also, follow me because, and this is no joke, if I can figure this out for certain anyone can.  I just look at it like I look at taco seasoning packets, I always bought them in the store until I moved to North Dakota and stores were few and far between so I looked up how to make taco seasoning from scratch and lo and behold the taco god opened the doors and said look you have ninety-five thousands seasonings being held hostage in your cupboard that rarely get used, let us use some of them and see what happens!  Well Ortega has nothing on me!  Ok now back to the main ingredient here.  I’m just trying to say if you start out from the beginning (hence the word beginning!)   then makers of doing things step by step things aren’t so dumb.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m on the ADD train, that is why I jump from the beginning to the end and back to the middle and so forth, but isn’t that one of the things that spark creativity???  My sister just laughs at me and says she is going to keep me focused.  Good luck to her on that!  So you will see my blog page change day in and day out while I learn what I’m doing, but thank the lord that I now have a blog to vent to so you guys can just choose not to read me instead of standing in front of me basically having to listen!  I have to admit tho, I am sort of funny at times.  My nephew calls me crazy Aunt Lisa and I have to own it.  So on we go!

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