The Confusion

Trying to simplify the blog stuff.

Just created an instagram account and checked out some inspiration for a #challenge from bydawnnicole.  Going to try this out.

Time is what this all takes.  All these bloggers make this seem so simple, but ah, not so much!  This could be my inspiration trying to make this blog, why blog, why instagram, why fbgroup.  Why? Why? Why????



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It’s a New Year!

This year I’m going to a) figure out this blogging thing. ( Ah, yes I know how to blog, just haven’t figure out the particulars)  I’m talking about the why blog, when to blog and what to blog about.

I know there are many of us out there!

I’m a very creative person, it just took me years to realize it.  Lack of self-esteem maybe?

Well, I go from one thing to the next, not being an expert at any, but I’m pretty darn good at what I set my mind to.

I think I’ve found my love!  I’ve always been a doodle kind of girl and now I’m sure I can put that to good use.  I’ve started hand lettering and boy oh boy do I love it!

This year I am going to become an expert at it and actually start a business.  That is my plan!  I will of course keep you updated, will probably be like my few and far between posts, but I will update.  It’s all the learning process!   Stay tuned!

Hey already progressed.  Just updated my WP email so I can post!  All is well with the world.

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Please test this for me!


So I’m trying this affiliate marketer thing to see if it works.  This is for Bounty paper towel through amazon please click on it and see what happens.  That would be real sweet of you to order it so I can see how this process works.  Everyone needs paper towel you know!

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Building your website

Hi there,

(I am not an affiliate marketer, yet, this is just my opinion on these apps and or websites, therefore I do not receive compensation.)

I want to start this blog with pointing out that I am trying to do all this blog building, website building and what not by not trying to spend a whole lot of money. I hate wasting money therefore I’m a coupon clipper #ibotta #checkout51, and in the State that I reside in there is this fabulous store named Meijer and they offer Mperks (love them!)  So you have to pay for your domain name that’s a given, but all these bloggers that offer ebooks and classes (not that I wouldn’t love to take some off these) they offer some of the course for free but that’s a lead in to please take my $300.00 course.  Well, when you haven’t started making money yet it’s hard to spend more.  So I stumbled across this character,


and I’m hoping this shows up if you click on Home, he was by far the most informative and simplified person I have listened to so far.

This isn’t anything against the stay at home moms that are teaching, but good lord, some of us need step by step instruction and this Aussie really simplified it for me.  And he is FREE!

Side note:  I added the (thing) on top just for my own safety.  I don’t even know if it was necessary.  Better safe than sorry!

So to wrap this post up he has YouTube videos that are so informative you can’t go wrong!

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The return

You see, I’m back.  I said that this would be a learn as I go blog and it is.  I got to the point of being overwhelmed by all the blogging criteria and I took a siesta.  Lol, may happen again tomorrow.  I go from doing my paying job to my woodworking fun stuff to whatever else rolls around in my head.  So right at the minute it is this.

I guess I am trying to get to the point of getting followers, and up at the top of my page right now it say Google Analytics settings! and it’s underlined!  What????  Scares me!  I will get back to this in a minute.

In my woodworking or redoing world, I have a garage FULL of stuff as I’m sure many of you do.  Yesterday I made a Pinterest recipe for an “all natural” stain for wood, it consisted of 1 cup white vinegar (that is what I used, you can use apple cider vinegar also) 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 40 pennies (make sure they are well tarnished) put this concoction in a clean glass jar and it said do not put a lid on it!  Possibly it could explode!  The new age bomb perhaps!  Leave in there about an hour, not much longer because they said it will start to eat the pennies and I am a faithful American and would not do that to pennies!  Now I have not tried putting this on wood yet but I have to tell you it makes a beautiful blue color!  I will at some point let you know the results.

I did get an end table and a stool completed.  Yeah for me!!!  Someday I may even be able to show you them to you!

I need to get started with my day, I see that I have a #1 in red next to the Plugins so I guess I’m required to check that out.

You guys have a great day and I will be back with you at some point.

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I’m not really sure what to title this page as of this brief moment.  I assume it will come to me as I blog along.

This post is guided toward when starting something new that is majorly out of the comfort zone and the first thing that you read that isn’t a positive, you think oh my goodness, what on earth was I thinking when I started this new venture and then you’re not even going to give it a chance.  The mind is such a powerful thing.  See now I just titled this mindset.

I may as well share with all of you that I am not your average blogger.  I looked that up and I did not realize that there was like a “blogisphere” out there that only 20-35 year old people are a member of.  I am no spring chicken!  But I will tell you after reading some of the Pinterest post from my fellow bloggers, that I was already ready to give this up.  Well after I got out of bed this morning I said to myself you know if this goes absolutely no where at least I get things out of my head right?  So I had myself a couple of cups of coffee, took a shower and decided to log in and make a couple of changes to my page ( haha more to come in that category!)  and I have always enjoyed writing so I thought why not give it the old college try!  To all of you youngins’ out there that means ” A wild and desperate attempt to make a play”  Babe Ruth’s Own Book of Baseball defined it that way.  {Woo wee! just had panic attack, I hit the wrong key and everything I just blogged about disappeared!}  I found the undo button so I’m okay now.  They don’t have that little backup arrow in this like they have in other dimension of the computer.  Anyway if you ever get to Hessel Michigan, awesome place by the way home of the wooden boat show, go to The Islander Restaurant & Bar and there is a picture of Babe Ruth holding a fish that he caught up there in the Les Cheneaux Islands.  Okay enough about Babe.  This is just my way of saying what do I have to lose by blogging?  Did you see my “better to have blogged and lost then never to have blogged at all” quote.  That will be my motto.  Or perhaps it will be “to blog or not to blog that is the question.”

I’m not going to let anyone discourage me at this point whether it be my age, or lack of know how or whatever.  Because as I have figured out as I have gotten older is that I’m no dummy (alright I admit I just had to look up how to spell that and when I spelled it dumby I got the redline!)  This one blogger was brutally honest but I have to admit, a kind of downer because she was blogging about how much work this is, how many hours it takes to be a successful blogger all the money you have to spend and so on.  So I had to get my mindset back on the old college try, so it could be now you see me now you don’t.  But I have to say I’m enjoying this part of it!  Onward and upward.  Enjoy your day I’m going to give my local awesome chiropractor a visit.

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Glad to meet you!

This is my first official blog post!  Do I know what I’m doing you may ask?  Well, let me answer that for you.  NO!  But in the abyss of all of this, this could turn out to be one of my big platforms for my blog.  A.K.A all you other people who are lost also, follow me because, and this is no joke, if I can figure this out for certain anyone can.  I just look at it like I look at taco seasoning packets, I always bought them in the store until I moved to North Dakota and stores were few and far between so I looked up how to make taco seasoning from scratch and lo and behold the taco god opened the doors and said look you have ninety-five thousands seasonings being held hostage in your cupboard that rarely get used, let us use some of them and see what happens!  Well Ortega has nothing on me!  Ok now back to the main ingredient here.  I’m just trying to say if you start out from the beginning (hence the word beginning!)   then makers of doing things step by step things aren’t so dumb.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m on the ADD train, that is why I jump from the beginning to the end and back to the middle and so forth, but isn’t that one of the things that spark creativity???  My sister just laughs at me and says she is going to keep me focused.  Good luck to her on that!  So you will see my blog page change day in and day out while I learn what I’m doing, but thank the lord that I now have a blog to vent to so you guys can just choose not to read me instead of standing in front of me basically having to listen!  I have to admit tho, I am sort of funny at times.  My nephew calls me crazy Aunt Lisa and I have to own it.  So on we go!

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